Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snippets of Frozen Time

Tag-Ruched muslin,
 punched out heart and old buttons

Tag-Vintage Valentine copy, French book page
 and part of a daughter's wedding invitation
Folded paper ornament

The reason we love

Valentine tree gatherings
The sun popped through today bringing reminders
 of hope for days of warmth
 and that Spring will soon be scooting our way.........
A friend moved to hospice this past weekend- 
another mother with children,
 that joined me in the journey as we loved the ones in our care....
I draw out a heart here and there thinking forward to Spring,
and then my heart settles on her..
an aching heart for there will be no more Springs,
she will not make it to the birth of her long awaited first grandchild.....
 to not see the forsythia bloom again.....and my throat closes and the tears well,
 because I cannot make it different, stop the impending future or recapture the past.......
and reading Answering God by Eugene Peterson......I wonder about the song that her soul sings,
the lament that had asked for more time, more joy, another Spring.....
What is her soul's answer to God today as He calls her and beckons her?...
and will my heart welcome the call in my interior landscape when He announces-ENOUGH?

 And He Whispers---
You have all the Springs of a lifetime, and I will gift you a Love Day for all eternity.
Come Home. And I am reminded that I AM BUT A STRANGER HERE.
 Lord, help me to see the days as snippets of frozen time that will unfold to the depth, breath and height of YOU- that carries and cherishes each day given and gifted.  And may I nestle in each day and never waste the opportunity to bless you for each day. And inhale in each day, sink down deep, as if it were my last.

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