Monday, March 12, 2012

For Such A Time As This

"Mildred" always thinks she is going to be Center Stage 
at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield, Virginia

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS-The Esther Story as the reminder 
that we are all daughters of the King
 and might at any time be called to move out of our comfort zone
 to have a Kingdom Impact
Great medallion banner- design by Robyn Smith
Glamour Glitter Girls - getting final things ready for the Big Weekend-
Left to right- Deshua Joyce, Robyn Smith and Robin Cary

Katie Stam- Miss America 2009 - on the right-
having supper and getting to know the team

 at the home of the Denninger's
Media specialist Sarah Schafer- in the center-
 listening carefully for newsworthy notes
Paper Medallions added to the centerpieces-
 all designs by Joen Schultz
We covered the glass vases with burlap
 for a contrast to the delicate flowers
upcycled old hymnal pages served as part of the design
you can't go wrong with a peony arrangement- 
original design was "reinvented" 
by floral designer - Susan Wenger
 The buffet table  was edged
 with a garland of grouped yarns, fiber and jute
with an added pearl heart to dangle over the side
A chair for the special guest.
Katie's pink pillow with rhinestone crown reminded the guests
 that we all have a spot marked with crown-
 one that blesses each of His daughters with an eternal reward.
These crowns awaited the young ladies attending the event
Miss America 2009 crowned each girl with her own crown

Nearly 200 guests gathered in the sanctuary as
Katie Stam gave an inspiring tribute to a faithful God
and to highlight the challenge of being ready -

when God says NOW!
 She is a genuine and humble

 and makes a wonderful ambassador for Christ.
She is also an amazing vocalist.
Katie made our gathering event 

one to remember for a long time.
It was a blessing to have her join us to encourage us
 to be Women of Influence
 to a world that does not know what it is looking for-- Jesus.


  1. Wow! So wish I could have been there. Thanks so much for the "snapshot" to see what you were doing. Here in Sunday a.m. Bible study, our story this week was Esther. Piecing all the notes in my head with the things here that I see. What a wonderful connection.

  2. It was a beautiful event and very inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity to meet and hear Katies testimony!

  3. It was an absolutely beautiful and inspiring event. I am so glad I brought my three girls along to hear her. It was very humbling to be able to see her in person. Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together. You are a true ambassador of Christ and a blessing to know. Thank you!


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