Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God of My Daily Routine

Just finished reading a wonderful little book- Doors into Prayer by Emilie Griffin. There is a selection from Karl Rahner's prayer-"God of My Daily Routine." I have been thinking about it for the past couple of days and wanted to share it-

Dear God,
 My soul has become a  huge warehouse where day after day the trucks unload  their crates without any plan or discrimination, to be piled helter-skelter in every available corner and cranny, until it is crammed full from top to bottom with the trite, the commonplace, the insignificant, the routine..
Empty talk and pointless activity, idle curiosity and pretensions of importance that....roll forward in a never-ending stream.
I now see clearly that, if there is any path at all on which I can approach You it must lead through the middle of my ordinary life...
I must learn to have both "everyday" and Your Day in the same exercise. In devoting myself to the works of the world, I must learn to give myself to You, to possess You, the one and only thing, in everything...
Before You, all multiplicity becomes one, in You, all that has been scattered is reunited, in Your Love all the difference of the day's chores comes home again to the evening of Your unity.

What a wonderful prayer to close the day and rest knowing that when I give Him all things in my scattered day-- He makes it One Life.

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  1. I love this, we should add it to the Living Life as prayer handouts!!! so true, only He can take my life and make it His. LOVE YOU


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