Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Heart to Worship

something tugged and fell away some years ago- gone was the drudging duty
a new demeanor-
a new attitude replaced it
a softening of heart- a renovation in the works
don't really know when the mooring changed
I moved seamlessly from "going to church" to a desire to worship

 the work of the Holy Spirit continues
 to complete the unfinished molding of my heart

this week as I spent time with the Spirit Life Team of the Southeastern District and we were catching up with each other, one of the conversations lead to sharing a blessing in our lives right now----
and it has been sitting there near the surface-  and I pulled it in closer to actually say it-

The Erv and Kay Graft family
Lee Ann, Kim, Teresa, and Connie- left to right
Our Girls- Laura, Sara and Jessica-
 left to right

listening to stories lately- it is my awareness that many people do not have families where all the siblings are connected to Faith-filled living- who themselves seek worship times to give God praise and glory
then I take a deep breath of humbleness, that God has also granted me the gift of children who seek ways to honor God and live with this priority in their lives-
all trained and working as Lutheran educators- the spokeswomen of the Gospel message in schools right now-
a blossoming of our Father's work.........
a note to mark the gifts in my journal of Eucharisteo living---------
Giving Thanks for Hearts to Worship

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