Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life-changing purpose

Yesterday we had our Women's Prayer Service-  as part of our Wednesday Morning Women's BibleStudy. A quiet time of reflection. with some prayer experiences. I always look forward to this very special service. At the end we were to write out a need, desire, or prayer that would be collected and handed out to another sister in Christ.  I wrote my thoughts and slipped the index card into the basket passing down the aisles.

And later pulled out my card - the prayer spoken from a heart - to my heart prayer.
 and my breath caught, and I carried the prayer around in my pocket all day, and looked at it in the light of my garden.------------standing by the
 bird house and peonies

I inhaled the prayer as I stopped to smell the roses.
And as I watched the sunlight dance
on the clematis vine woven through the lilac bush.

and gazed in wonder at the tiny florets
 of Filipendula- Queen of the Prairie.

My hands trembled as I read it again:

"Dear God,
Help. My life seems to have no purpose. My potential is far from being met. I have no real passion or sense of life-changing purpose. Give me Your wisdom, power, and passion to be my best, to make a difference, to be more fearless."

And no name. No hint of the owner of these heart cry words.  And I have prayed - in the daylight and in the nightlight. and wondered how many other women in that sanctuary longed to be so real to write these words..... but not brave enough, not open enough to open the rending crack....

and so in her longing of connection, may we all hold her in our prayers.
 no name---- but the written word of many that we pass each day in hallways, wait in the car pool lanes, and stand with to check out in the grocery store.

Lord, bring your hope to the one who writes this prayer, and to all of us as we flounder, looking, and waiting for it to all make sense....the reasons, the paradox of busy lives and hopeless days, and most of all-   how the great mystery of Jesus and His Risen Story is what gives any of our days --meaning.

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