Monday, June 18, 2012

Remembering Dads

I had to think twice as I stood in front of the Father's Day cards display at the CVS.....
 and then my throat caught as I realized.....  The second year of missing dad on Father's Day.  And some dad images came flooding back......

Erv and Kate and Connie and Jessica, Laura and Sara

Adding John to the photo

The Boots by the back door 

Sara and Dad on THE BENCH

The Clematis on the Iron Wheel
The Popcorn Maker in the Back Room

And time stood still as I hung on to the grace journey story of a dad and daughter- well-loved  and well-lived.  An example of fortitude and scrappiness that made all the challenges melt away in the solidness of undeserved and unfailing love..... my gift and my heritage.

And thanking God today that the man in my life- the father of my daughters- keeps the light alive for the gift of the Treasure of Fatherhood. For another generation. Living out the story of a Heavenly Father's grace as seen here in earthly examples. Oh! The Lord is good to me.


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  1. Oh how I miss Grandpa! I love that picture of Daddy! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful Daf and memories of a great Grandfather!


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