Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Open Gardens- Three

The birdhouse- no tenants this year
Queen of the Prairie-
 ready to burst open

Bloom from "Snow on the Mountain"

The dish garden- collecting the broken
and cracked treasures too pretty to throw out
The Spirea
a favorite heat and humidity thriver

Sitting back and watching all the things take off and JUST GROW...  a drink of rain last night, a cool and breezy, low humidity day today....

Things are just right in the world.......this transformation.....
Reading from The NEW YOU by John Devries....

What is this formula for change? ...spiritual transformation within us can come only through the life of Jesus flowing into us and through us. That life of Jesus will flow and expand in us only when "He remains in us and we remain in Him." In other words, just as a seed must be out into the ground in order to germinate and grow into a tree, so as we must meet the condition of remaining in Christ in order to have the life of Christ grow in us.

Beautiful stained glass garden paver
 made by Artist Sandy Watkinson-

A beautiful reminder to tend and water to grow in the garden
and in my spiritual landscape as well.

Photos courtesy of Mary Moore and Nancy Seemann

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