Thursday, August 30, 2012

With Hammer and Nail

Guess it is time to show what is happening around here when husband, John, gets together with his demolition and building guy friend, Tom. It gets dirty, noisy and things change.

Goodbye carport lounge---
Hello one-car garage and multi purpose area.
Almost didn't get a before picture but you'll get the idea.

The last of the wide open view

Framing going up
Now there is a window and door spot
Header for the garage door support system
Window in and door framed
Door to the front porch
Side door to the back yard
Side view with crooked guttering
And here missing the obvious door
View with the front porch-- can't see the walk way from this view.
It curves around the Japanese Maple.
The doors have the blinds/shades right in them-
 got to figure out how to work that 
And so, lots of pics I know, but wanted you all to see the process.

Not sure when the next post will be on the progress.  
Sometimes house projects
 can take a long time around here,  
but not this part.
Really got started about  
11am  last Saturday when we got back
 from Lowes with the doors and windows.

By 8 pm with a supper break, 
it was "call it a day" time.

Oh and my job as head supervisor?
Bring water, sweep up,
 and serve up the chicken for supper.
All in all- a fine start.
 Thanks, Tom, for your great help!



  1. Wow Connie!!! This is going to be so different! Yea for you! You have a garage!!!!
    Great job John!

  2. Entering your house through the front door will be so different!

  3. Awesome photos of an enhancement that will bring much enjoyment! Perfect workmates and support staff!

  4. WOW!!! It looks great! I am already impressed! I love seeing all the changes, even when I am a day away! Looks wonderful!


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