Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lost and Found

Let's just say it took us while to get to this spot.

A ride in the carriage is announced with the sound of hooves on brick
 Always fun to see families on this adventure.

But, before we got here............
We always get lost. We take the maps. We plug in the GPS. We make a plan. It makes sense.  And we always get lost.  That has been our experience every time we visit Williamsburg, VA. Not sure if it is the curvy roads, and turns that make sense in our heads, but prove a disaster in reality. But anyhow, we had exactly 24 minutes to walk around historic Williamsburg before heading back to the hotel to change for events that brought us to this lovely Virginia town.So we gazed at some of our favorite places:

Bruton Parish Episcopal Church- Williamsburg, VA-
guess a little repair is going on for the building built in 1683-
still flourishing with worship, wonderful music and religious education programs

Fall leaves against the brick of Bruton Parish-
something ageless in the design

Gorgeous iron fencing marks the territory
 around this stately house

Wonder how the private owners feel about people
 staring at their house and taking photos all the time-

 Guess they would be be use to that...

And a quick peep over the fence of
 a late October garden on a sunny day

Garden offerings and cuttings sale
 and this is where I spotted just what I'd been looking for---

 I found them.

Some dried straw flowers to fill the container
 surrounded with wire
 and the MOVE MOUNTAINS clay tag
 from Miss Mustard Seed's booth

 at Luckett's this Spring.
 The perfect color.

And so.... the paper pumpkin and coleus and mum sprigs and
 the gourd in the Mason Jar on the  vintage scale-
 felt wonderfully redeemed that 24 minutes
 were worth the effort to see something with new eyes
 and bring a bit back to dwell among our life.

Sometimes getting lost

 is really when you find what you are looking for.


  1. This looks like such a wonderful trip especially in the fall.
    I am one that has no sense of direction and can get lost at every turn but I find the most interesting places that way.
    Blessings to you today!

    1. thank you for stopping by and hope that your fall has been blissful!!!


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