Thursday, February 14, 2013

Evelyn Seidel's Valentines

Part of the treasure- Evelyn's Valentines

On a cold Winter weekend of early 1980,
 I attended a sale in Kendallville, Indiana. 
Auctions were my thing back then and I loved the hunt and the bidding
 and the thrill of "the find". 
And now some 33 years later I write the story
 of the box of Valentines found and purchased that day.

It is a silver box.....oblong and a bit shiny. 
 Nobody paid any attention to it pre-auction. 
I had not spotted it during the "look-see" 
or I would have already known the treasure. 
 So as it came up for bid-
 I went top dollar at $5.00- sight unseen.

Buyer Number 34  and total- $5.00
article- Valentines

Early on I made a note inside the lid
 of the box as part of the story

Layers and Layers of Valentines

A few a bit ragged but mostly pristine condition

Some made in Germany
standup die cuts
delicate and yet sturdy enough for the test of time

I saw one very similar to this one on Etsy a month ago
 and it sold for over $500.
my jaw dropped.......don't tell my hubby.
Looks like the same style and decade

Many like these have moving or hinged parts

  But, most of all  I wonder how these 
heart treasures got separated from Evelyn's family.
 If nobody wanted them thirty years ago
 would they want them today?
In the box were items that help to tell the story- 
Evelyn was a part of the Sunday school 
 at St. John's Lutheran Church in Kendallville.
She had a sister named Alice Jean.
But somehow the paper love greetings 
were left behind, 
forgotten, and not worthy.

But thanks to the super sleuth
of the internet I have a part of the story-

Evelyn married Ralph Lamp and lived in Warsaw, Ind
She died Nov. 16, 2000.
Alice Jean married Edward Doell and lived in Fort Wayne, Ind.
 She died on Sept. 27, 2002.
Evelyn's and Alice's mom died Nov. 2, 1955
 and their dad, Robert, died Oct, 1979.
That would explain the cleaning out
 estate sale that I attended early 1980,
 in Kendallville, Ind.

I wonder if I could ever find their children
 and the generation beyond.

How important to remember that my love story
is told by a God who never forgets me, 
always wants me,
 and has paid the price
to redeem me.

More than $5
More than $500


  1. Hi, I am Gail Doell, daughter of Alice Jean (Seidel) Doell, and Aunt Evelyn was my aunt and my Christian sponser at my baptism back in 1953. I was close to my grandpa (Robert Seidel), and was in my 20's went he went home to be with the Lord; I miss him now as much as I did then! My mom (Alice) and her sister (Evelyn) were executors of his estate and much stuff was auctioned, and I am afraid in haste. Would you be interested in selling these cards or even one of them?

    1. Gail- tell me how to contact you...... email, phone, etc. I had hoped that putting as much info in this post that I could maybe find a relative in a google search someday

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