Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Receptivity

In this month of heart talk I hear:

God quietly whisper- "Be Mine"

As some of the readings I am doing right now--
 seem to connect in unusual ways--- 
always a God Surprise when that happens.

 Never anything that I could ever master to connect myself.

Reading in Devotional Classics compiled by Richard Foster
 in the works of E. Stanley Jones-  about Receptivity and Response.

looking at Col 2:6-7

 "As therefore you received Christ Jesus the Lord,
 so live in him, rooted and built up in him an established by faith."

received- receptivity
so live-  activity
rooted-  receptivity
built up by him- activity

There is a rhythm to this
 back and forth

Hearts are made ready by LOVE
Eveyln Underhill speaks about how these fruits of the Spirit - 
joy and peace come into our lives-- not by our own striving-- 
but when we mind more about God than we do about ourselves...
not a small feat in our ego- centric world.

So my life is meant to give Him Glory- 
to bring Him praise.

Underhill states-
 "My objective is unearthly delight in God's action
(in my life and in the world)
 and the privilege of being caught up
 into God's action- whatever the cost may be."

So it is woven with joy and peace-
His work in my heart.
"our total loving acceptance
 of the deep action of God
 through and beyond our small lives."

His rhythm
My open heart
His work
Whatever the cost may be

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