Friday, April 19, 2013

Livin' Celebrating

Today on your 26th Birthday- dear SARA.
 We give thanks for you.
 Your Spirit, your health and wellness.

 Your gifts given by the Creator.

Your willingness to stand
 ready in the world.

 Your ability to try new things,
 even if they seem too BIG. 

 Your ability to be prepared 
with list in hand.

Your sense of humor
 and ability to punk the world.
Go Sparky!

To be the third in the amazing gift
 of sisterhood in our family.

To see the world with a keen sense of resiliency

And to bring hope to a future
 with the one you love, dear Joshua.

Birthday Blessings today,
 Dear daughter, Sara.


  1. Thanks Mama for the wonderful birthday post!! I love you!

  2. To a special gift from God! Happy Birthday dear Sara!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Sara! A special gift for God!


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