Friday, April 26, 2013

Livin' Mindful


 A short note on some things in my week-

 I was able to connect with a wonderful Lutheran blogger
 on Tuesday by phone...
 her name is Michelle DeRusha and she lives in Lincoln, NE.

  Her blog is Michelle DeRusha
We have never met, but I felt urgings to contact her.
 She gave me some wonderful clarifications
 for moving forward on my Capstone project.

After my hour and a half conversation (with a total stranger)-
 I was giddy and walking about the house
 doing some small house keeping things.
 Picking up and putting up and away. 
 Sorting and stacking.
  Talking to myself.

And NOT paying attention to what my hands were doing
 when my mind was racing
 a 100 miles an hour-
 Ok -  500 miles.

Later, I stepped into the hall bathroom that our daughter is using
and then I saw it-
 a whole stack of washcloths plopped down in the toilet bowl.
My mind shouted-
  Who would have done this?

With closer inspection I saw them-
 neatly folded and stacked.
 I knew that the only person
 who would have plopped washcloths in the toilet 
was me.

Oh, I often laugh when I say-
 I just wish my head knew what my hands were doing!!

the drippy mess went back down to the washing machine,
 and to save you all,
 I did not take a picture for this blog post.

But, what a wonderful reminder for ME-
 just how challenging this concept is -

And seeing the process really does need my 
eyes and mind synchronized in the challenge.

And on a more blissful note-
what I have been watching with delight.

Blooming lilacs.

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