Thursday, April 18, 2013

Livin' Wonderstruck

 Reading the book right now by Margaret Feinberg-

She poses the thought that in our overworked, 
harried lifestyles we often fail to just stop
 and see the world in childlike wonder and awe.
 Not a new thought, but....
Maybe some fresh connections to think about it...  
When was the last time a ray of sunshine,
 a cloud formation,
 or the songs of the birds outside just stopped you in your tracks?

I think that watching the world around me
 a little bit closer has caused me to SEE things I may have missed before..

 I now LOOK for them. 
 Will it be my gift today to write in my 1000 Gifts Journal?
 or maybe the special image that just says it......
 and I am just out of WORDS.

And when it is finally tulip

And lilac time.

 I am truly out of words 


  1. I've read Sacred Echoes by her -- a book recommended to me by T's counselor. Loved it. :)

  2. I'll be looking to read that one too!


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