Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nevada Roundup

The mountain view from Faith Lutheran Parking lot.

Time to finish up with the adventures of time in Nevada.

A little bit of everything here.

I headed out to help pack up a house for a move to
 Ann Arbor, Michigan.

On to new adventures for the Schumacher couple.
at Leone Cafe with Jessica
she came to help pack and spend time with a sister

A specialty coffee

A favorite stop when out West
An Eccentric shopper in Boulder City.  Favorite shops there are:
A first birthday party for Henry Blank.
This is where daughter Laura has been one of the Art teachers in Las Vegas.
Son in law Joshua was a math Teacher and part of the Football coaching staff.
 It is the largest Lutheran Middle and High School in the United States.
An amazing and state of the art facility.

Can't seem to get photos to post today where I want them.
Everything is mixed up.

A view from the top of the Stratosphere and the 1, 149 foot tower- Tallest spot in Las Vegas.

Spending my $2 Vegas allowance with daughter Jessica

Loving the chaste tree in full bloom

would love to find some red yuccas to plant here

all in all
been a fine place to visit and
see life unfold.

Now, for the next phase of blessings in
this journey for Joshua and Laura.

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  1. Looks like you all were busy bee's packing up. I will mis s the Schumacher place in Vegas!


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