Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LCMS- After Convention- Part One

  A bit of time to look around in areas I have not explored before-

 headed to the Delmar Loop via the Metro link.

Quaint area full of great places to eat-

First stop--- Lunch- Mission Taco Joint

tried the Carne Asada Fries-- 
usually always get chicken--
 filling and tasty

Guess who  is coming to Blueberry Hill in August?

Can you hear the music?

Yup- Blueberry Hill

You never know how singing 
for a school assembly could change your life....

Flowers that grace the sidewalks....

Cool art at a restaurant entry

An area Landmark- Moonrise Hotel

watched a huge crane in a new area
 of building-change is coming here

Cool place- Delmar Loop

and then back downtown.

Next highlight?

 Laclede's Landing. Join me.

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