Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Glimpses of Synthesis

Writing  Writing and Writing these days

 Processing and fitting together all the gleanings


Spiritual formation

God's Word


Discipling disciples


Social Media


Communities of Grace

May the Lord bring together His Words

 for His Kingdom.

And I rest for the night
 and hand my Lord all the people, 
all the hope, 
 all the choices,
 and the plans.

Come, Lord Jesus to this night. Amen.


  1. I've been thinking about you knowing you've been busy writing. Lifting you up in prayer dear friend!

  2. thanks dear friend, just finished up Chap 2 and Conclusion- need to edit in am and figure out how to do appendix and send it off to Michelle as draft-
    still funny how this is still all connected with the two Micheles

  3. :) Guessing you are DONE?! Hoping anyway. Can't wait to catch up with you. Miss you tons.

  4. waiting on the other Michelle for revision notes-- oral defense is Dec 9 and graduation is Dec 14-- going to Fort wayne and pick up my sisters (with John) and end this 6 year stint with a party yippee!!!!


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