Sunday, March 23, 2014

Haifa University Museum- Israel--Part One

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel. 
It sits on the Mediterranean Coast in the
northern part of the country.
It is built on the slopes of Mt Carmel,
 and is an important seaport.
Haifa Bay is a center of heavy industry,
petroleum refining and chemical processing.

Haifa University was formed in 1963, 
currently has about 18,000 students
 and is a public research university.
 It sits on Mt. Carmel.

When your tour guide is an archeologist- 
you see many artifacts.
Important in adjusting the historical perspective.
it is PLACES- as well as-
REAL THINGS you see,
 that make it have PRESENCE.
Anthropoid Coffins

Especially if you are an American-
 and think that 400 years is OLD.

Jewish Ossuaries- 
Bone Boxes for Second Burial

Tour guide Yossi- such a wealth of knowledge

Beautifully carved Ossuary

6th - 5th Century BCE

google image

Astarte - Greek name for the 
Mesopotamian Semitic female god- Ishtar.  
Was connected with fertility, sexuality and war.
Astarte was accepted by the Greeks
 under the name of Aphrodite.
The island of Cyprus was one of Astarte's faith centers.
Other major centers were the 
Phoenician cities of Sidon and Tyre and Byblos. 
She was often portrayed on Sidonian coins
 as standing on the prow of a ship
 with her right hand outstretched,
 and thus became the original
 figurehead for sailing ships.
To the Romans she became- Venus.

The importance here is the overwhelming influence
 of false gods, that held the land of Israel in captivity.
Much like the false gods of our modern-day world.
Haifa University- Part II

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