Monday, March 24, 2014

Haifa University Museum- Israel- Part Two

The Menorah- 
the most predominant pattern in ancient Jewish art
The symbol for shalom- peace

The important and expensive purple dye

The exhibition focuses on
 the material culture of the Phoenicians, 
seafaring merchants who resided in cities
 along the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, 
and their contribution to maritime architecture.
Part of the displays are actual stones
 from various Phoenician digs.

other exhibits-When pieces become whole again

Glass-first made in Cana

Phoenician boat- oldest in recovery

When pieces become whole again

Glass- first made in Cana

Widow's mites
a prolific find in Israel.
Certified, good quality coins
 can be purchased today
for under $100.

Real artifacts
telling the story 
 of real life 
in Biblical times. 

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