Friday, March 14, 2014

Tabgha- Church of the Primacy of St. Peter

Nearby in Tabgha is the gray stone structure
 known as the 
Church of the Primacy of St Peter.
A Franciscan chapel with a few benches facing the front,
 and simple stained glass windows.

The sign on the bare rock beneath the altar reads
 "Mensa Christi"
which means " Table of Christ".
 The bare rock under the altar extends
 underneath and outside the chapel wall.

This was a spot that Peter and the fisherman knew well-
 here at the Seven Springs.
It is here that Jesus appeared to them
 after His resurrection and told them to
 "throw your net on the right side of the boat
 and you will find some." John 21:6
Peter recognizes Jesus and swims to him.
 As the other disciples reach shore with their miraculous catch,
 they see a charcoal fire already laid with fish cooking. 

In a stunning setting that recalled the charcoal fire
 when Peter denied knowing Jesus
 at Caiaphas's courtyard,  (John 18:18,21:9)
 Jesus invites them to "Come and have breakfast." (John 21:12) 

Peter and Jesus take a walk.
In this conversation Jesus tells Peter-
 "Feed My lambs... Shepherd My sheep... Tend My sheep"
John 21:15-17

As they return to this site,
 here is where Peter hears the grace reinstatement
 that reminds Peter of God's forgiveness
 rather than a flashback of Peter's failures.
As Peter was reminded, so are we,
 that our relationship with Jesus expresses
 itself by serving others,
 without comparing ourselves with them.
The motivation for such devotion to Jesus?
Jesus always responds in grace,
 and this time with a question.
"Do you truly love Me?"
Tour Leader Tom Krause reads the Scripture
 that ties the landscape with the Biblical story.

John in the Sea of Galilee- 
walking the shore.
Thinking perhaps of Peter here with Jesus.
 The call that still resounds-
Feed my sheep.
 The costly-- Follow Me.
And the daily reinstatement-
wrapped in grace.


  1. I love this series of teachings from the Holy Land!

  2. Thank Aresa, I am learning a lot putting this together with the photos


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