Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Faith Milestone- Building a Faith Chest

The wave in family life education is 
moving from a church-centered
to a home-centered base.

It is a partnership of church and family
 concerning the
We are talking more about
 Faith Milestones
 in Faith formation.

A faith milestone is a marker along life’s journey
 that says,
 “This is something important and God is here, too.”
 Marking a milestone is a biblically-based
 spiritual practice
 in both home and congregation, 
that help all generations recognize 
God’s presence
 in all of life.

We began to explore the possibility of 
our church adopting the practice
 of giving a faith chest
 to all who were baptized in our setting.
 All sorts of things are changing
 within the framework of 
faith life education- 
and a pendulum is swinging
 to assign a higher priority
 to Faith Life in the Home. 
 The CHURCH has been the
 primary place for this,
 but a new awareness is raising the HOME
 as the significant teaching ground. 
The goal of the church is to help and assist
 the parents to be the primary
 faith life educators of their children.

For each Baptism-
 an envelope of encouragement
 is made for the parents, 
each godparent ( or couple) 
and all of the grandparents,
(as couples and also for any step -grandparents)

In each envelope is placed a current Vibrant Faith catalog,
(now available online)
and the list of ideas of things to place in a Faith Chest.
Building a Faith Chest
For the sponsors there is a reprint of an article -
 "Godparenting for Dummies",
Godparenting for dummies --a practical guide
and downlaodable pdf

 and for the grandparents there is a list of the
Blessings of Grandparenting.
(to be shared in an upcoming blog post)

As a Baptism remembrance,
 a brief pamphlet is included 
for filling out and placing in the Faith Chest.
Baptism Keepsake

In the life of this newly baptized infant, 
child, or adult,
God is already writing the story of 
His grace interacting
 in the life of one of His loved ones.

Each Faith Chest is blessed
 to impact the owner and all the relationships
 that touch this life to bring Him Glory.

Maybe it is time to collect the items for your own
Faith Chest?

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