Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jesse Tree Ornaments

I love it when my friend, Pat Maier, 
gets to spend time in my studio. 
  She spent some time coloring the Jesse Tree 
 ornaments for the Jesse Tree devotions on the 
Visual Faith Ministry website.  Found HERE:
Jesse Tree Devotion
24 Ornaments that tie together the Old Testament 
prophecies to the New Testament fulfillment.
Jesse Trees are an old Christmas tradition
 that date back to medieval times.
The name comes from Jesse-
who was the the father 
of the great Jewish King David.
It connects the verses of Isaiah 11:1-4.
"A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse, 
from his roots a branch will bear fruit..." 
The Jesse trees were often large tapestries 
or they could be stained glass
 and they were use to teach 
an illiterate culture the Christmas story.
While our world certainly has heard of Christmas, 
and perhaps the baby Jesus,
the symbols still teach the connections
 to the REAL Gift of Christmas.
This might be a new tradition for you- 
but one to consider adding to your Advent celebration.
Here is the link for the hand-colored ornaments.

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