Sunday, June 22, 2014

Faith Milestone- What IS a Faith Chest?

A few years ago I came across an internet site
 that had wonderful support for families living with a 
"Families in Faith" priority.
They taught that we really need to make
 some intentional choices for making
 "God Intersections"
in our lives a time for remembering,
 documenting and celebrating.

They urged churches to give a gift of a
'Faith Chest" to everyone
 that is baptized in their church.
Vibrant Faith
 (formerly the Child in Our Hands program
 at Youth and Family Institute)
Originally, they suggested that a large wooden box
 be handmade for each child
 and then items added throughout their lifetime.
We were going to need to adapt that suggestion.

I began to do a bit of research and found
 that although we give high importance
 to the rite of baptism, 
we still did not do very well in the follow up
 to keep that as a highly significant event in our lives. 

So, in my own "archeological dig"
 for my family I began to seek this information
 for everyone in my own family.
 Some things had been so well "kept safe",
 it took me almost 6 months to find:
 baptism dates, confirmation dates,
 and verses for all five of us.
All the more reason to create-
 to keep these important items and documents.

The Faith Chest- 
as the designated place to keep faith life items,
 made it easy to put them in a safe place
 and yet be accessible. 
So my husband John and I have a Faith Chest, 
and so do each of our three daughters.
(and Now our grandson)
At the time we were looking for them-
 they were available in stores
 and looked like an actual treasure chest.
I found them at:

Home Goods
AC Moore

Today, it is a bit trickier to find ones
 in the Chest style model, 
and so I often end up using
 rectangular boxes with flip up lids.
What works best is either one with a removable lid
 or a flip up lid and a size that fits a 
full size piece of 8 X 11  1/2 piece of paper to lay flat. 
Decorative Suitcase
Sometimes it is possible to find them
 and purchase separately
 and I would suggest the larger one
 to follow a life-time of
They make a great gift to a child
 from a sponsor, godparent,
or grandparent.
Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Boxes
Large boxes used for scrapbooking storage
 are also a fine choice
 and a bit more economical
 if used in the parish setting.

So, that is the beginning
 of telling the Faith Chest Story.
Remembering our Baptism.
The beginning of God's story
 of redemption in our lives.

Part 2- Building a Faith Chest
Part 3- Baptism Birthdays and Resources


  1. thanks for sharing your faith encouragement stories. I know you live what you talk about. LOVE YOU and your family.

    1. and good to be o the journey with you - Diane

  2. Would you give me more information about building the faith chest?

    1. please send your email to and I can send more Faith chest info

  3. Would you give me some more information about building the faith box? I'm looking for something we can prep ahead and the families and can gather to finish before indirectly after the baptism.

    1. and here is another link-

  4. here is another post that has info--- please send me your email--- to and I can send you the links-


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