Sunday, August 3, 2014

eformation- The Power of STORY

#5 in the eformation Series
Stories captivate and entertain us. 
Stories also educate and encourage us. 
This past weekend I have attended a conference
 that we hosted in our "District"
 called Tending the Flame. 
More than once we were asked
 to think about our STORY. 
 How can we connect into the STORY-
 God is already writing?
 What is our piece of that? 
An excellent book that helped me
 to better understand
 the impact of electronic faith formation
 and our story,
 is Faith Formation 4.0 by Julie Anne Lytle.
 She begins to unravel this complex
 and messy issue that we are dealing
 with of the established church
 and its integral place in faith formation. 

As followers of Jesus, we live out our lives
 here on earth with the power of the Holy Spirit
 breathed into each of us. 
We walk and move about learning to understand
 the mandate to Go and Tell and Make Disciples. 
 Each and every day is learning
 more about just what this means
 individually and collectively. 
This "working it out"
 begins to unite knowing and being
 to illustrate how the way we live our lives
 can become an invitation to others.
Lytle says,
" This is a story-keeping, story-telling,
and story- making process

whereby community members remember

 and retell their experience

 and understanding of God's presence

 and the response it inspires."

How wonderful when stories told include His people
 in all walks of life and stages of life.

Can you begin to see how the Master StoryTeller-

 wants to use YOUR STORY

 to bring HIS HANDIWORK glory?

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