Thursday, December 25, 2014

Advent to Blessed Christmas

 Jesus Be in My Christmas....
  In my:
 Dreams, Listening, Meditation, Guidance,
Expectations,Waiting, Shining, Opening,
 Knocking, Seeking, Loving,
Obedience, Sacrifice, Purpose, Thanking, 
Rejoicing, Abounding, Seeing, Purpose, 
Plans, Spirit, Looking Forward,
Beholding, Gifts, Perseverance, 
Wounds, Tests, and HEART.

Counting the days of Advent
 using the calendar provided by Sybil MacBeth.

My numbering is off this year--
was bringing order in  the first days of December -
 and started counting then instead the last days of November.
But, the days have all been held in ADVENT light.

May the LIGHT of Christmas in this 
Christ Child gift be yours
 and in the lives of your loved ones.
And we pray this Christmas 
for all those who do not yet KNOW YOU.

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