Saturday, December 27, 2014

In the Kitchen with Kit Kat Bars

FIRST----Layer Club crackers 
in the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan.

Well, it is a fun time in the kitchen
 when a son-in-law 
is patient enough to show 
you how to make
 a favorite family recipe. 
Kit Kat Bars---
 a no-bake recipe.
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
 and peanut butter
Club crackers and layers.
Fast and easy-
makes a winning combination.

SECOND- Mix over heat the 
sugars, graham cracker crumbs,
 milk and butter.
THEN pour half the thickened mixture
 over the club crackers. 
Add another layer of crackers.
Cover with the rest of the heated mixture.
Add another layer of crackers.
LAST- Melt the chocolate chips
with the peanut butter.

Spread over the top layer of crackers.
Refrigerate till set.
 Yes, you are right.
 I don't share alot of 
recipes here on this blog.
 Think this makes 2 so far.
Cut small pieces.
 Coz you just might want more than one. 

1 box Club Crackers
1/2 c. white sugar
2 c. graham cracker crumbs
1 c. butter
1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. milk
   1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
2/3 c. peanut butter
Line 9 x 13 inch pan with a layer of Club Crackers. Bring butter, sugars, cracker crumbs and milk to a boil. Boil 5 minutes. Pour half of the sauce over crackers. Place another layer of crackers on sauce. Pour remaining sauce over crackers. Place another layer of crackers on top. Melt chips and peanut butter. Pour over mixture. Refrigerate.

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