Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Playing card add-ins

Bible Marginalia Series- # 69

Leave it to my daughters.
This was the creative project when we 
gathered recently to celebrate 
a special birthday for me.

It cannot get much simpler than this.
 Print the Bible verse boards
 on my Pinterest site-
on regular computer paper.
(A non-technical way:
 do a screen shot
 and print what you want each time)

Here are my Pinterest boards
 with collected Bible Verses.




Cut out the small rectangles.
 Add to PLAYING cards.
 Front and back.

  My tangle prayer card- 
(bottom right)
originally made on a 4 by 6 index card
is now in miniature.

We chose an eye-catching design
 for the one side of the card.
Red and turquoise chevrons.
I am always looking for ways
 for the "non-artist"
to add in visual graphics to their Bibles.

 These can also be added into a Journaling Bible- 
simply attached with washi tape.
Tip-in, add-in, flip-in--
whatever you want to call them.

To hide the "playing card" side-
 small squares of scrapbooking paper were added.
or a strip of paper.
 If you are making this for a Bible tip-in,
you can use one side for the verse
 and the other side for journaling the reference.

 Bible verses were attached with 
double-sided sticky tape
 or a small strip of washi tape.
This set was then hole punched
 to add to a hook on a suction cup
 to place on a window or mirror. 
Reminders of God's Word-
right we live-
 to see from the time we get up-
 till we go to bed.

They can also be placed 
on an O ring to take along
 with you as you are out and about.
Or they make a perfect gift for someone-
going through treatment for health issues,
in times of grieving- to bring hope,
or to encourage any one in their journey.

This would work well:
(think this is the size I have--
 measurement info is a bit hard to tell)
Scrapbooking paper
 Old book pages
pages from a Bible that fell apart
Double-sided sticky tape
Assorted washi tape
Printed Bible Verses from Pinterest

To add to mirror or window we are using this:
or similar-

These are made for personal use and ministry purposes only-
not to be sold.
We give thanks for all the graphics designers
 that have contributed to this project-
known and unknown.
May you be blessed by knowing
the Kingdom is served in your work.


  1. You lost me with screenshot... I love this! Can I actually print the whole board at once? So glad to have found your blog! Thank you again!

    1. Cindy do you have a MAC or PC? I am trying to figure this out myself since my kids did this for me...... always a big learning curve. if you have a MAC I can "teach" you how to do a screen shot-- and I'd google thatn to figure out for other


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