Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cana-Israel Pilgrimage-2

We visited what MIGHT be the town
 of Cana that Jesus visited 
with his family for a wedding.
Where Jesus performed his first miracle-
turning water into wine.
 Many symbols here of wine and jugs.

This church is in the town of Kafr Kanna-
in what is thought to be the 
Biblical New Testament Cana.
Kafr Kanna is an Arab town
 in the Turan Valley in Galilee.

It had a population of  18,000 in 2006.
 It is not very far from Nazareth.

I just love doors.

Maybe they are old?

Renewing our marriage vows in Cana.
 Thanks Rev. Martin and Rev. Jeff-
for doing the honors of this meaningful time.

One thing is sure in the Gospel of John in this story.
The city of Cana and the surrounding towns
 would never be the same after the story of Jesus
 and the miracle with the water and the wine.
Even today-
 the power of Jesus can change whole towns.

How are WE doing with changing where we LIVE-
 with the power of Jesus and His message?

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