Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ecclesiatses 7-12- Book of the Bible Study

Bible Marginalia Series- #79

Continuing the walk through Ecclesiastes.
Chapter 7:14
A clear thought here-
in the day of prosperity be JOYFUL-
 and in the day of adversity-
 God has made one as well as the other.

Chapter Nine-
Death comes to ALL.
Enjoy life with the one you LOVE.
 Whatever your hand finds to do,
 do it with your 

The two page layout of the study.
Coloring around the headings
 helps me to keep my place-
 to know where I have been,
 as I come back to work here each time.
I liked the "bleed-through" of the clock stamp
 from the previous page and left the faint shadow
 on this page as it added to the topic here too.

Chapter 9:17
Quiet, wise words
 are better than a shouting ruler.

Chapter 10:19
And a verse that speaks of what Solomon 
has observed in the world:
Bread is made for laughter, 
and wine gladdens life, 
and money answers everything.

Chapter 11:5
 Just as you can't know how the wind blows
 or bones grow-
 neither can you know the way of the Spirit,
 how God works things.

Chapter 12:7-8
And all comes from dust
 and all returns to dust.

verse 13-14
the end of the matter is:
all has been heard.
 Fear God and Keep His commandments,
 for this is the whole duty of man.

the two page layout.

All is vanity.
All is vapor or mere breath.
Unless it has eternity impact.
Unless it is of KINGDOM purpose.

This study was actually done over
 a couple of weeks time.
Pages were started, new ones started,
and then  I would come back as the key verses
 began to come forward.
This Book of the Bible study
 was done in preparation of leading a women's retreat.
It is part of what helps me be able
 to take so much material and find the nuggets,
 as well as the application
 for the topic we were dealing with:
 The Spirituality of Change.

Small alpha stickers
 Sticky notes
Pottery Barn magazine Sizzix cutouts
Colored pencils
Fine- point Sharpie pen
Washi tape

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