Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Peat Pot Nests

Maybe it is right and fitting to be working
 on EASTER projects this week.
We are officially
 in the liturgical season of EASTER.
So some time spent with
Peat pots altered, added and embellished.

In some muted tones
 with an assemblage of findings.

  An assortment of paper medallions.
 Made with the Martha Stewart scoring board.
Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Made 2 inch strips,
 secured with hot glue
 and a hymnbook circle to hold together.
These will be the stabilizing base 
for the peat pot nests.

Ribbon crinkled - 
wet and wrap in a paper towel
 scrunched up for a couple of hours.
 Then unwrap and spread out to air dry.
Sewing pattern tissue paper
cut in the Tim Holtz Die Cut
Tim Holtz Alterations Flower
Also some felt flowers 
cut with the same die cut.

Paper Punched Hearts
Martha Stewart lace scallop heart
This is what the punch looks like.
 But they are no longer available.
See they use to go on EBay for over $100.
 Now can't even find one for sale.

Six inch squares of sewing tissue 
cut with shredding scissors 
to make nesting material.

Gathered together. Some with hand gathered
 crepe paper fringe hot glued to the top edge.
Some with fringed edges
 from an old book with  French script.

A bit of sphagnum moss. a pair of eggs.
 A cross or heart added to the nest.

Small word banners
 that declare His GRACE.
Jesus is Alive
Easter Blessings
He Lives!

One displayed on vintage bed spring.
Another on the paper medallion base.

A small crochet floweret 
added to the tissue paper flower.

And now in simple and quiet spots-
Spring New Life symbols
 serve as reminders of
 Jesus is Alive!

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