Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Go to Siloam

Bible Marginalia Series- #133

Recents trips to Israel have taken us to 
the pool of Siloam.
Center for washing in Jerusalem.
Part of it has been recently uncovered.
It can now be SEEN.
What strikes me with this reading is often
we SEE- but are still blind.
We act like we have made the connections.
But, it has not touched our heart.
That is what Jesus is talking about here.
Our open eyes-SIGHT
must be connected to 
our open hearts-LOVE.
And that means the Holy Spirit
has a lot of vision restoration to do.
And for me- the reminder that 
I ONCE was blind- 
actually has a 
daily application to my life.
Oh. Lord,
open my eyes-
each and EVERY day.

Smooch spray mister-Pralines and Cream
 Doily for resist
Punched circles, square and heart
Bird Stamp
Printed labels
Calligraphy black Sharpie
Fine-point non-bleeding Sharpie pen

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