Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bible Marginalia- In Denial

Bible Marginalia Series- # 137

Keep coming back to the book of John.
  How many times haven't I given thanks
 that "I am not like Peter"?
That very faint glow that somehow
 tries to lift me up from this blatant
 denial of being a follower of Jesus.
And then I remember-
the times I remained silent,
could have added to a conversation,
but rather chose to be anonymous.

Day in and day out.
Denial- for what I could have said,
should have said, almost said.
Or maybe a diverting of the topic 
so I would have to do make 
"connections" for people.

Forgive me, Lord.
And then I rest on the grace.
Grasp it right to me.
For in each of those fallen times-
I yet, by grace.
 have been carried right to the new point.
Forgiven and Redeemed.
And by Grace will carry on.

Easy to do-
just paint and stick.

Acrylic paint- Target
Various Alpha letter stickers
Illustrated Faith - words and word washi
Washi tape
Colord pencils
 Fine point Sharpie- non-bleed pen

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