Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Martin Luther Quotes

Bible Marginalia Series- #135

Another friend has artistic gifts- Pat Maier.
She has joined in the Bible Journaling journey.

I supplied her with a set of
 margin outlines to fit the space.
These wonderful Martin Luther quotes
 is what I got back 
to use in my Journaling Bible.
This page I just chose one
 of the Bible verses referenced in the margin.

Here I found a corresponding story
 that I liked with the quote.
What a gift is my artist friend- and her WORK.

 For the margins I simply went over the words
 with a Finepoint non-bleeding Sharpie.
Used Prismacolor colored pencils for the rest.
Washi tape on the edge of one.
 Matted 2 quotes with paint chip swatch.
 Matted another quote with a
scrapbooking paper.

If you would like these Martin Luther quotes
 for YOUR Bible - email me- condoit@aol.com


  1. Pat certainly uses her considerable artistic gifts to glorify God.

  2. Personally I like Martin Luther quotes. Also I have collected some quotes from you. Thanks for sharing!!


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