Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Mixed Media Projects Round up

Fall Mixed Media Round Up.
I got inspired and decided
 it was time for treats to siblings and nieces and 
spouses to nephews for Thanksgiving Gifts this year.
The Key to this idea working 
is to have a number of the 
tissue wrapped cereal boxes in stash and ready to go.
Then someone (I honestly don't remember) 
was cleaning out "stuff" this summer
 and I got a phone call 
that they were bringing things over-- 
and saying- like-well- because
they didn't know who else 
would want this  STUFF -but YOU- Connie.

So some kind of towel sample 
became the cloth base 
for this Fall whimsy project.
And someone cleared out 
scrapbooking supplies and old jewelry.

And then I had a purchased 
something cute at a vintage tag sale.
And they wrapped it in 
brown tissue paper to protect it.
And someone had flower assemblage pieces-
waiting for a project.
The helpful thing in mass production
 is using a base pattern for all of them- 
but not making them all alike.
Then the projects go quickly and 
then they are boxed in the mail.
And arrive in Indiana
 long before Thanksgiving Day.
A gift this far in advance
 of a Holiday should be noticed-
since early is maybe not my trademark.

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