Saturday, January 23, 2016

When It Comes Crashing Down

In a split second the tinkling 
crashing noise
filled the air.
I came around the corner
 of the doorway
into the dining room
 and my shoulder hit the edge
 of this display cabinet.
 Dislodged the entire piece to the floor.
Earthquake like.
Right off the wall.

A big tear rolled down my cheek.
I couldn't pick it up by myself.
Had to wait till dear hubby came home.
Collected the shards and pieces
into a box.
Grandmother's tea cup.
First husband's vintage mustache cups.
My mother's tea cups.
Gifts from others.
Marianne Latall's cups.
Texted three daughters.
They said it is the beginning 
of garden stepping stones.

It is just STUFF.
And in full Ann Voskamp training 
of 5 years.
I looked for the gift.
And there they were.
Missing handles.
Chunks gone in the back.
Saucers gone.
But here they are- GIFT.
Working to reset heart and attitude-
I went to the mailbox.
 And there nestled in the stack-
a handmade gift from a friend
in appreciation for listening
 and taking time.
And I noted the delivery time-
and the Day.
 God's great care for me,
moved in the universe

He alone mends 
the broken pieces of our world.
It is the people that matter.
And as I listen-
a mother finds out her child has Type 1 Diabetes,
a friend's mother dies unexpectantly,
a pastor loses his dear wife.
There is much greater loss than stuff.
 And the word on the daily calendar 
for praying --
And the message of a God
 who meets me
 Remembrance and Care
when I lose - JUST STUFF-
is the same Lord that meets me- 
when loss is health 
and people and relationships.
As it all 
and dies,
I remember HIS WORD.

The grass withers, the flower fades, 
But the word of our God stands forever.”


  1. I love how you find a positive message that we all need to hear. You hold those memories in your heart always.

  2. The hard part is when it's stuff with memories. As you process the memories, let love prevail!

    1. I am getting lots of ideas from others about making jewelry!

  3. Oh I am so sorry, but what A beautiful lesson

  4. Beautifully expressive, as usual, Connie --- remembering back to the time I heard the horrifying shattering of all the shelves in my dining room china crashing into another, doors flying open sending glass into the room. I quietly picked things up remembering fondly where each piece came from but didn't follow through with my thoughts as you did. Thank you for reminders you gave with this lesson! Blessings.

    1. it is a SOUND that you remember--- hopefully not too often in our lives- thanks for your comment

  5. So sorry Connie but you made something beautiful out of the broken pieces. I love your heart dear friend!

    1. It reminds me of the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus. He allowed Himself to be broken, bruised and to die for all my sins. I was broken, but He has made me whole! Thank you Jesus!

    2. and maybe a c Ceative Haven project!

  6. Very beautiful message mama! I will be excited to make the stepping stones with the pieces. Oh how I can relate to feeling like parts of your life are broken into pieces, but God's grace and love always picks up those pieces and makes them into something new and beautiful. Love you mama!

    1. will be fun to design the "next" thing with you!

  7. Beautiful! Amen. Thank you for sharing! It makes me want to display some vintage treasures I have in storage - there bc with young kids I'm too nervous it'll get broken!


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