Friday, August 19, 2016

Here and About- Holly, Michigan

My friend, Pat Maier, told me about
 Neil's Disco and Furniture.
A bit out of the way to find in Holly, MI.
 You just might not think you are in the right place.
And then when you get inside-
 perfect picker paradise.
We were so busy looking with our helpers- 
Griffin 2 years old and Jack 3 months old, 
well we forgot to take photos inside.
Checking out some things out back
 and found these lovely Queen Anne's Lace.
We fell in love with the chalkboard sign.
This was in the sold section. 
Great vintage industrial table - $40.
THEN...... We headed for lunch and landed at Red Devil.
Red Devil Restaurant

Shopping with the boys.
Interesting signage.
Cool cars- 
We found out there are vintage cars 
in town each Wednesday during the summer.
And we visited on a Friday.
Then we found The Shops at Holly 101.
Well-done displays.
Interesting items.
Really cool back doors.
Owner- Tanya Dempsey
Vendor Marketplace

 By accident we stumbled across-
Repurpose-Cari Cockney
 of HGTV's Cash & Cari 
Moving into new space 
and getting warehouse space ready.
Delightful helpful staff today.
repurpose shop
A street full of vintage stop-ins. 
Quaint all around.
Loved this sign as we left one store.
Carry Nation stormed Holly, Mi.
 with her hatchet in 1908-
making a statement for Prohibition.
Then on the way to the car 
we made a quick decision.
One Vote that makes the call--
Griffin the ice cream man.
Hudsonville Ice-cream.
The bowl in the front is a small for $2.50.
Cupcakes and Kisses
Owners Toni and Kevin Barnett.
We were served by the delightful
 daughter of the shop owners- Cora.
We left her a tip for more 
than we paid for the ice cream.
Ice Cream happiness.
A bit of fun.
Shop owner Toni was in today 
and she welcomed us
 and filled us in on some 
of the family events in Holly.
Eye candy and great treats.
 They post their cupcake flavors
 each day on their Facebook page.
Little Jack all tuckered out.
But we will be back to Holly, Michigan.
Thanks Holly for the pureMich welcome.



  1. That settles it ~ I've got to get there! Love your post and all the links, Connie (and is Griffin eating my favorite ice cream - amaretto cherry?!?)


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