Monday, August 22, 2016

Rio Olympic Integrity

The 2016 Summer Olympics have closed 
and with it the names of hundreds
 of people that were
 on the watch of millions around the world. 
We knew the names in the last two weeks:

Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Michael Phelps, 
Usain Bolt, Ashton Eaton, Mo Farah, 
Allyson Felix, Connor Fields, Simone Manuel,
 Katie Ledecky, Gwen Jorgensen, Kohei Uchimura,
 Gabby Douglas, Lilly King, Kristin Armstrong, 
Anthony Ervin, Claressa Shields.
Names I remember now.
Many I won't remember next month.

The first Gold medal of this year's Olympics 
was won by Ginny Thrasher- from Springfield, VA.
She graduated from the same high school, 
West Springfield, as our three daughters.
Local hero. Amazing talent.

And then some names made the news 
with dark clouds shattering the noteworthy
 endeavors and accomplishments- Ryan Lochte.  
And the story unfolds of "embellishment", 
poor choices, and simple untruthfulness.
Actions not well-thought out become
markers for future hope.
A few moments of actions without integrity.
It is so difficult to STAND FIRM,
to be the best in all times.
What pressure to be the best.
I am so thankful that my "not the best"
choices haven't been caught 
on a security camera.
Seen round the world.
Tweeted to millions.
And that is only by GRACE.
So GRACE received 
must be given to others. 
And then there were the athletes
 that gave God the Glory.
That prayed together before a race.
Gave thanks after a race,
 no matter the outcome,
 in all circumstances.
So my final Olympic analysis 
comes to the word 
the quality of being honest 
and having strong moral principles,
 moral uprightness,
sincerity, truthfulness, decent, 
fairness, trustworthiness.
The state of being integrated, 
whole, cohesive.
The word I wished we talked
 about more in those we admire.
 We might be strong and fast,
with amazing precision or endurance,
but it matters not,
if there isn't a life of integrity.
The phrase that I heard so often
 in the past two weeks 
on the coverage from Rio was-
 Christ the Redeemer.
 This amazing statue which is 2/3
 the size of the Statue of Liberty,
 was built between 1922 -1931.
Perhaps more than one person 
Googled- Christ the Redeemer
to find out more about the ONE
 who does look over the world,
and each and every person.
The ONE who had a perfect 10,
stood firm,
gave God the Glory,
and lived a life of INTEGRITY.

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