Thursday, September 8, 2016

For all the Exiles

Fall brings some new "friends" to the garden.
This is a garden variety-
 black and yellow argiope.
He is a web maker- 
that glistens in the dew of the morning.
We have a mutual agreement right now- 
I won't bother him,
 if he doesn't bother me.
But, I still would prefer 
if he liked another yard better than mine.
I'd REALLY like to exile him from my yard.
ah- yes, THAT word- Exile.
Reading in Chapter 12 of Eugene Peterson's book-
Run with the Horses.
Processing a bit of that here.
Peterson states that "the essential meaning of exile 
is that we are where we don't want to be. 
We are separated from home. 
We are not permitted to reside in the place 
where we comprehend and appreciate
 our surroundings.
 We are forced to be away from that 
which is most congenial to us. 
It is an experience of dislocation- 
everything is out of joint; nothing fits together. 
The thousand details that have been built up 
through the years 
that give a sense of at-homeness- 
gestures, customs, rituals, phrases- are all gone."
Reading in the book of Jeremiah-
 he was a different voice to the people in Israel. 
They were use to leaders like 
Ahab, Zedekiah, and Shemiah who 
"called attention to the unfairness of their plight
 and stirred the pots of discontent."
They made a living "merchandising nostalgia."
So Jeremiah sounds a new story- 
shift happens.
Peterson summarizes-
"Quit sitting around feeling sorry for yourselves. 
The aim of the person of faith
 is not to be as comfortable 
as possible but to live as deeply
 and thoroughly as possible-
to deal with the reality of life, discover truth, 
create beauty, act out love."

The bottom line is that we are all exiles.
Something has moved us out-
 or moved into our world.
The new teacher for the school year,
a friend of twenty years that is moving away,
a job change,
 a leadership change at church,
a health diagnosis.
Our reality and "known" has been altered.
We weren't consulted about the change
 and certainly didn't give permission.
We just no longer are AT HOME.
In this time of Israel's history- 
they became
their most creative ever.
They prayed hard and deep.
Perhaps that is our EXILE lesson.
So if you find yourself in exile-
which is basically-
 "being where you don't want to be
 with people you don't want to be with",
you have a decision.
How will I live out my days in exile?
With all I have- because of all He has done.
I'm just gonna be hanging out - 
one yard to the next-
till I reach my eternal home- 
Home at last.

sections from Run with the Horses-
by Eugene Peterson
 Jesus in Glory photo
 from St Paul's Lutheran School Gym- 
Ann Arbor , MI

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