Saturday, September 10, 2016

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time a little boy was on the 
way back from the park with his mommy.
The park is right by the Fire Station.
A truck pulled out right in front
 of the mom and her son.
There was also another truck 
on the driveway and firemen were shining it up.

Then one of the fireman saw them
 and waved them over.
"Want to come see the fire truck?"
The little boy's eye lit up with glee.

And then the fireman said,
"Would you like to get up in the fire truck?"
He let him touch the buttons
 and the steering wheel.
Then mommy got into the driver's seat too.
The fireman took their picture.
Both were very happy.
And now can you guess 
what a little boy will ask to do-
every time they walk back from the park?
You're right.


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