Sunday, September 25, 2016

Visual Faith Creative Assembly 2016

Time to Connect, 
Encourage and Equip

Ready for all those 
gathering for the day
in Springfield, Virginia.
Lots of Resources and ideas
 for Visual Prayer and Visual Faith Art
We came with friends.
We visited with old friends.
We made new friends.
 We talked about Visual Faith 
and Community.
We talked about all the things we have learned
 in the past few months about Visual Faith.

We talked about the challenges 
of sharing Visual Faith practices with others
 and dealing with distractions.
We talked about how to equip
 and encourage others.
We shared the delight of
 Bible Journaling Inspiration.
                                                                                                                                                    Claudia Brendan- photo
We were blessed with having author 
Lisa Nichols Hickman 
with us to share about the Golden Margin.

                                                                                                         Claudia Brendan - photo

We learn about our relationships 
in the margins- 
Go, God and the Golden Margin.
Visual Faith projects
Prayer and blessing cards.
 Hannah's Catering 
brought a great catered lunch.
Time to check out social media.
Event hashtag- #visualfaithca16

Visual Faith Art
to encourage the 
story telling of His Faithfulness.
Always great to catch up.
Afternoon Breakout Sessions-
Joen Schultz- Visual Faith-
Leading Workshops
Joen Schultz- Pinterest
Holly Borrasso and Bonnie Hughes-
Visual Faith- Praying Scripture
Holly- Pinterest
Bonnie Hughes- Pinterest

Karen Hunter
Visual Faith- Worship into the Week
Karen's blog-karen scraps
Melinda Ransdell
Visual Faith- Congregational Resources
Melinda's blog-unconditionally steadfast
Erika Radke
Visual Faith- Artist's Touch
Erika's blog-faithfully created
Sierra Burden
Visual Faith- Prayer- Moms and Kids
Sierra Burden- Pinterest
Sally Sulcove
Visual Faith-Blogging
Sally's blog-journaling the bible
Deployed digital Missionaries.
Coming Together-
To Learn to Lead Others-
Giving thanks for all those the Lord 
brought together for this day 
of equipping and encouraging.

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