Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bible Marginalia- My Heart's Delight

Bible Marginalia Series- #190
Jeremiah 15:16
Inspire Bible

 Working through Jeremiah.
As I colored in these words
 in the preprinted margin
   in the Inspire Bible,
 I was struck by how often this thought
 has crossed my mind 
since I began "Coloring in My Bible", 
or Bible Journaling.
Something has shifted in my 
devotional time in God's Word.
 I find myself literally "drawn" to His Word.
Bible reading before might have been to 
"cross it off my list", 
or to prepare to lead a Bible Class.
 It has now morphed into 
lingering and savoring.
It is the story repeated in others 
as we try to capture what the change of response
 has meant for engagement in His Word.
So I give thanks- 
 for the work of the Holy Spirit in me,
and that in this journey there are traveling friends.

Colored pencils
Washi tape

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