Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bible Marginalia- Plans for Good

Bible Marginalia Series- #197

Jeremiah is still talking 
about the exile time in Babylon.
He tells them to dig in and make a life.
Plant gardens, get married, have babies.
Work for the good of all, live in peace,
 make a difference.
The Lord tells them-
 This is going to be awhile.
But, I won't forget you. 
I am going to come and do good things.
 I have plans for you.
It will be ok in the end.
 You have a future.
 Live in HOPE.
Sometimes it certainly feels 
like the days of Babylon.
And in those moments,
 we must remember the Lord's desire
 for our ultimate good.
Never disaster.
Never futile existence.
But Always, ONLY for
the BEST GOOD for US.
 That whisper comes 
in the dark of the night,
when fear pulls on my heart.
And I take a deep breath of
thankful reassurance.

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