Thursday, December 8, 2016

Advent 12- Promise of Salvation

Bible Marginalia Series- #209

Promise of Salvation
 Advent 12
Numbers 21: 4-9

Some timely words- even today.
"And the people became
 inpatient on the way."
Oh, how fitting for me- 
always trying to get THERE.
Forgetting about the journey.
Working on my own timeline- 
rather than asking for the Lord's plan. 
Or trying to dictate the speed
 and experience along the way.
And then- the supreme vice-
And the seed is planted for the disease
 of sin to run rampant.
Slowly killing.
Until by faith I look up at the pole,
the CROSS, 
because FAITH HEALS.
Clinging to the Promise of Salvation.

Alpha letters
Washi tape
Colored Pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker
Clear - Faith words

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