Friday, December 16, 2016

Advent 20- Anticipatory Joy

  Bible Marginalia Series- #217
                                                 Luke 1
                                      Continuing with the 
                                Tree of Promise devotions
                               found in the Files section here:
                            Visual Faith Learning Community

                            Had added the Karla Dornacher
                                 margin almost 2 years ago.
                                The image for this devotion
                                           was a gift "box."

Finding that my collection of old Christmas cards
 are a help for the visuals for the Advent devotions.
One worked perfect for a "tip-in" 
added with washi tape.
Oh the Joy! that Mary and Elizabeth
 shared together.
Beyond imagination. 
Beyond belief.
Truly supernatural meeting
 their everyday lives.
We are expecting a Dec 27 grandson.
Wonderful to be in anticipation
 of a Christmas season baby.

Washi tape
Christmas card collection
Fine-point Sharpie pen

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