Saturday, December 17, 2016

Advent 21- Price Paid

 Bible Marginalia Series- #218
The Sacrifice of Isaac
Genesis 22

Had looked at this section of Scripture-
Advent 5 with the focus on Abraham
 and the promise to him.
This section is the Good News for Isaac-
and for each of us.
Price Paid.
Abraham's obedience met the mark.
Jesus's obedience and holiness met the mark.
In our wreck of life- we hear that message
with thankful hearts.
So a Christmas card is a perfect way
 to tie in a New Testament Christmas message
 and the Old Testament connecting story.
Helping us to see how it ALL fits together.
More on this devotion HERE:
Price Paid

Handmade Christmas card
Distress ink
Colored pencils
Washi tape
Fine-point Sharpie pen

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