Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 4- Sure Knowledge of Faith

Bible Marginalia Series -#229
 Jeremiah 31:15
Remembering the slaughter 
of the innocent children.
And this cry still arises
 in the lands around Bethlehem.
In all of our advancement,
and technology inventions, 
we still wrestle with the very essence
 of our tainted ways of living with each other.
The disrespect for human life.
For the innocent children- born and unborn.
Today a daughter is at the hospital
 in labor to bear a son.
With doctors and nurses around 
to help and preserve life.
Today we remember the young life 
of a college friend of the children
 in our family- taken in a car accident.
We do not know the moment of our deaths, 
and the knowledge of salvation
 is monumental and 
gracious blessing when we lose loved ones.

Dear Lord,
Mayo guard and protect the children.
May we find more ways to impact
 the lives and well-being of young lives.
May the mothers in labor 
be kept safe and the babies born thrive.
May these new lives be blessed 
with the gift of the knowledge 
of sure faith in the waters of baptism.
May we be spurred on to share 
this life-saving blessing with all young families
 and their little ones.
In the name of Jesus we pray,

Washi tape
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker

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