Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 11- Star of Bethlehem

 Bible Marginalia Series- #236
Numbers 24:17
Star of Bethlehem

A collage of Bethlehem stars

from Christmas cards 
provide the visuals 
for this look at the star out of Jacob.
 Jesus is here prophetically 
called a Star and a Scepter.
 He is glorious like a star, 
and has all authority to rule,
 as pictured by a scepter.
"Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord 
to bless Israel.
And the Spirit of God came upon him."

And we give thanks that this 
Old testament prophecy
became our gift of Jesus.
The Star of Bethlehem- 
and we await His second coming.
We celebrate the Light of the World.

Christmas card collage
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Brown Elegant Writer Calligraphy pen
Washi tape

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