Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Uncluttered Spaces

We need "uncluttered time and space 
in which we can distance ourselves 
from our own activities 
enough to see what God is doing."
Eugene Peterson

Keeping the rhythm of 
work and rest within 
God's time is necessary, 
faithful and wise.
I hear the disclaimer over and over 
among our harried lives--
too busy, too much, too little margin.
We need to remember that God will STILL 
work in the margins of our lives.
He prefers first fruits, and lifted offerings.
But, He still delights when His children
 come as beggars 
with little to offer and sit by the wayside.
His powerful presence will take
 our meager offerings 
and turn them into banquets that feed our soul.
How blessed that we have a heavenly Father,
who meets us right where we are-
strung out and strung along.
He takes frazzled, piece-meal connections
and still works Miracles.
And maybe from that point of view-
we can SEE what He is doing.

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