Friday, February 9, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Your Son Will Live

Bible Marginalia Series- #280

Wonder what the downlow 
would have been for Jesus on Twitter 
after this visit in Cana.
They had seen what he
 had done in Jerusalem.
They were there.
Whenever I read this story,
 I can't help but think that this was really
 a miracle connected to 2 places.
Jesus was in Cana,
and the royal official's son
 was in Capernaum.
Jesus didn't have to be in the spot
 for the miracle to happen.
Miracle noted for both places.
"Your son will live."
In the follow-up story the official asked
 when his son became "better".
He noted the time. 
He had paid attention 
to his conversation with Jesus.
Then he and all his household believed.
He was moved to a heart-change.

Oh, Lord, 
keep me centered enough 
to see and note.
To be aware of all the things
 you need to see a heart-change-
IN ME. Amen.

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Fine-point Sharpie pen

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