Saturday, February 17, 2018

Heart Roundup

Ending up the Valentine Week 
with sharing some of the things
 hanging out from a Creative Haven 
event this week.
 I used a heart gift from my friend Bonnie
as the center focus for this mixed media piece.
Packing material makes a great
 base overlay on a flat canvas.
Three of these canvas projects 
were made for each of my daughters.  
                            A Creative Haven project from 6 years ago-
the circle medallion.
Grade school Valentines.
So, I have officially been getting 
these out of a vintage candy box
and looking at the names on the back 
and praying for these long-time friends
 for fifty years now.
Sometimes a Valentine 
mixed media project
 is not about red and pink.

 O my soul-
praise Him. 

Sometimes it is a vintage chicken feeder
 to hold small floral plates and a cache of hearts.

 Vintage Valentines 
in a seed pack holder.

So I am reminded-
Our hearts take hold on Thee.

I pray thee dear Lord Jesus,
my heart to keep and train.
that I thy holy temple,
from youth to age remain.

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